Energy Audits

Globalspec Pty Ltd will conduct a pre-project audit to identify and quantify the energy usage of your business. This includes power quality and peak demand usage.

Delay is Expensive

A hypothetical project that costs $360 000 today, will cost you $2 282 000 in 5 years.

Energy saving projects are low risk

The solutions are proven in practice so you can invest with a high degree of confidence in obtaining the expected return.

Energy cost rise mitigation strategies

The combination of a commercial solar photvoltaic system and quality power supply distribution may provide your business with the best possible outcome to reduce your power utility costs

Energy efficient equipment and fixtures

Energy efficient equipment and fixtures play a pivotal role to reduce your operational energy costs.

We may prepose to conduct specific energy assesments of your equipment to determine the viability of replacement or retrofitting existing equipment to reduce the energy consumption.

Energy efficient lighting and controlled lighting reduces the overall energy demands of your business.

Specific equipment such as electric boilers and electrical heaters can be replaced with gas fired units that are more energy efficient

Energy efficient production process

Efficient process delivers improved production rates and cost savings in your business

By installing motor control or use of soft starting electrical equipment and other types of control measures for energy hungry process, reduced maximum demand and improved power factor can be achieved.

This will result in decreased consumption of equipment energy and adding to the overall energy efficiency of your business.

Post project monitoring and continuous improvement

Periodical energy assessments of your energy usage to determine the effectiveness of the project and identify possible improvements to further reduce your energy demands after completion of your project.